Provad story – The New Era of Customer Service

We have helped our customers to develop their customer service since 2003. For its first seven years of existence, Provad was a distributor of the world’s leading call center systems.

In 2010, we were faced with an emergency situation. Our principal announced that they intended to terminate our distributor contract, effectively putting us in a situation where we had to make a brutal choice – either transform into something else or cease operations. With our back to the wall, we had only six months to decide our next move.

By then, with more than one hundred customer service development projects under our belt, we had developed into leading experts in the business. An idea slowly started to form, centering around the question of whether things could be done in a better way. We recognized that the world had changed enormously over the past seven years, and that customer services had developed into a truly multi-channel setup in which a mere telephone service was clearly insufficient.

We also knew from experience that the introduction of a multi-channel system in a company would bring with it a whole host of bottlenecks and give rise to adverse silo effects. Unavoidably, such phenomena decrease a company’s efficiency. An even bigger problem is the fact that the customer experiences the silo effect and the various bottlenecks as poor service. With this in mind, we had an idea of how we could provide added value for our customers using solutions that we had developed ourselves – we would make use of the best practices we had accumulated through our experience.

However, to implement this idea, we would have to undergo a complete change. Consequently, we decided to try a new model. The problem was that while our idea was a good one, it did not provide any guarantee of success.


New Era

Our new approach has proved a triumph. Our customers have been able to reap substantial benefits from our solutions – their customer service has improved, they work in a more efficient manner, and their sales volumes have risen.

In less than five years, we have nearly doubled our revenue since our economic trough in 2010. In 2016, our revenue grew nearly 25% over the previous year. Our personnel comprises now 29 employees.

The key is that we adhere to our philosophy. We want to show that customer orientation and service really pay off in business, benefiting both the company and the customer. Genuine efficiency is in the mutual interest of both parties. We want to help companies to achieve something that is ordinarily promised only in rhetoric. We wish to ascertain that we truly create added value. We wish to create exceptional customer experiences for our customers. Furthermore, we want to be the best in business.

We will continue on a proven course, tackling one company at a time to renew their customer service, putting in place the best practices and technologies.


Provad Oy yhteiskuva

Our team in November 2014. Since then our employee count has doubled.


The story behind our name

Originally, ‘ProVAD’ referred to ‘professional distributor’, with ‘Pro’ standing for ‘professional’ and ‘VAD’ for‘ value-added-distributor’. However, after we revised our business model in 2010, ProVAD appeared to be a misnomer, prompting us, after some consideration, to change the written form to ‘Provad’.

Now, our name is better in keeping with the international context:

  • Provad is Swedish for tried and tested.
  • Proven in English has a similar meaning: known to be valid, effective, or genuine, verified without doubt.
  • In Italian and Portuguese, ‘prova’ refers to proof, test, examination, and evidence.

For us, it is important that our solutions provide our customer with the added value they are expecting. Our solution are proven, and we want to show it.