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Your customer service organisation is the most important part of your company,” says Tomi Korpaeus, Senior Business Designer at Provad. “It is here that you meet your customers and represent yourself. If you want to know how business is going: ask your customer service agents.”

Formed in 2003, Provad provides technology and best practices for the new era of customer service. Their philosophy is that the best customer experience comes when an empathetic human touch is unified with advanced customer service systems, boosted with robotic, natural language-processing and -understanding with machine learning.

Finland's first virtual customer service agent

One of Provad’s key solutions is Lotta, a virtual customer service platform. Lotta automates routine tasks, freeing your workers for more value-added work. Lotta also works like an assistant, providing your agents with all the information they need to know, no matter where it came from.

“Your customers are still picking up the phone to call you like they did years ago,” points out Ari Matula, Provad Sales Director. “What is changing is they are also sending chat, SMSs, emails, Tweets, posting on your Facebook page… they are contacting you in many new channels.”

Provad can provide a multi-channel customer service solution. Your customer service agent can handle customer contacts from any channel with the right information, accurately creating an effortless experience for your end customer.

“This will reduce costs, increase efficiency, give better customer service, improve customer loyalty and allow you to sell more,” Korpaeus says. “After implementing our tech efficiency can improve 40 per cent.”

Creating happy superagents

Lotta was rolled out in 2016 and is being continually refined, including with machine learning and natural language processing. Over 3,000 agents have used Provad’s solutions in about 100 million interactions per year.

“We work with any organisation that has a lot of customer contacts from multiple channels,” Matula explains. “Today they need 24/7 support, because that is what the consumer expects.”

Provad likes to say they turn agents into superagents, saving them time and effort so they are able to use empathy and intuitiveness to really satisfy the customer.

“We help our clients change their customer service processes from reactive to proactive,” Korpaeus says. “Not only do we want our clients to have happy customers, we want them to have happy customer service agents. We want to make their jobs better, more productive and more rewarding.”


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Text: David J. Cord Photo: Juho Kuva.

You can also check our video about Lotta, a virtual customer service platform (in Finnish).



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