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Selecting a customer service system is selecting a partner

This story begins when an old phone system or mobile exchange has reached the end of its life. Its owner intends to update it to the new millennium. The goal is to improve customer service to stand out from the competition.

So, let’s start looking for service providers. The good news is that there are several suppliers on the market who are only too happy to offer their particular solution. The next step is to investigate the alternatives in more detail and evaluate the technology, and especially the price tag of the solution.

Comparing the systems

This is where the project usually starts to go awry. The goal of gaining a competitive edge by improving customer service is already being sidelined. A cheap price becomes the key attractor, and future needs are forgotten. Another thing cast aside are customers. You know, the people whose experience we wished to improve.

Why don’t we just select the lowest bidder? After all, their salesperson said that the solution would offer “practically almost” the same features as the more expensive options. If we select the inexpensive option, we can pat ourselves on the back as we have saved money. And when you think about it, I actually deserve a raise, don’t I?

We sign the agreements, and a little later the selected service provider installs the required devices and software and waves happily goodbye. So here we are, trying to implement great customer service all by ourselves with this gadgetry that was first and foremost economical.

But…what about better customer service?

I would say that the above is a familiar story. If you take the easy way, you will never gain the full returns these projects can bring.

At best, new processes improve quality, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction – i.e. brings visible results. To achieve these results, you should select a partner that can offer you both technical solutions and expertise on best practices.

Select a partner that genuinely engages with you in operational development. Select a partner who is experienced in completing these kinds of projects. Select a partner that genuinely challenges you, engages with you and helps you develop your customer service environment. This ensures a successful customer service improvement project and enables you to stand out from the competition.


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