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On this page, we introduce our partners, their business and tell how our collaboration can benefit our common customers.

“We have carefully selected partners that provide genuine added value for our customers – and for their customers.”

– Jyrki Narvanto, CEO, Provad


Customer Intelligence Finland (CiFi) is an expert company specializing in customer and business analytics. Information generated by CiFi is used to support decision-making and deepen customer understanding. Thanks to the collaboration between Provad and CiFi, we are able to help our customers to obtain a competitive edge by helping them to renew their sales, marketing and customer service processes. Our collaboration enables us to help our customers to produce timely and efficient customer communication, to develop more lucrative customer relationships, and to increase their sales.

”Provad employees are frontrunners and leading experts in their business sector. With them, easy collaboration makes it possible to produce results for the benefit of customers.”

Peter Raikamo, Co-founder, Customer Intelligence Finland Oy


With the help of solutions, a company can provide personalized service in real time online. Giosg’s solutions are based on real-time analytics capable of recognizing the customers with the most potential and making the online experience a personal one in a fresh new way. Giosg’s best-known product is Giosg LIVE chat, which has quickly been adopted by various sectors. Giosg’s smart chat channel, combined with Provad ICC, creates a seamless customer experience. Customers and their service and purchase paths can be recognized in all channels. In this way, the company will be able to serve their customers in a more personalized way, increasing sales and obtaining a more satisfied body of customers. This solution will also make resource use in customer services more effective, as chat messages can be routed to the customer service staff for processing at the right time.


Praecom Oy is a Finnish company that offers remote and video conferencing services. Praecom’s target is set in terms of providing customers with better communication solutions in support of business and business development. Praecom combines the various tools and services to create a unified package. Thanks to collaboration between Provad and Preacom, we are able to combine, for example, the Provad ICC customer service solution with calls and availability information obtainable from Microsoft Lync. Our partnership also makes video conferencing available to customer services. Provad and Praecom have in common an interest in the usability and flexibility of services, as well as the availability of excellent customer support for such services., or Suomen Onlineallekirjoitus Oy, offers an electronic signature service that eliminates the need to send various contract and power-of-attorney documents by mail, or to scan them for archival purposes. An electronic signature is also a more convenient method for the customer than a traditional signature. Signature processing in Provad ICC will provide our customers with a significant competitive edge. ICC brings an electronic signature task automatically, and at the right time to a free member of the customer service staff for processing. This is an extremely quick and cost-efficient way of gathering and receiving signatures.

”The electronic signature will reduce the costs incurred from signatures by 80% while accelerating the signature process by 90 %. When linked to Provad ICC, such figures will improve even more.”

Mr. Harri Koponen, Development Manager at Suomen Onlineallekirjoitus Oy

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