The contact center solution is the pillar of customer service

A reliable contact center solution provides genuine support for customer service. This ensures that the contact center is promptly accessible, regardless of the channel. The system does not dictate the way work is carried out; instead, the system continuously facilitates the work of customer service staff and managers.

A customer service system is an important component in the activities of the contact center. Unfortunately, this is a fact that becomes most obvious when the system malfunctions. If a contact center system is constantly down, the availability and service level of customer service will suffer as a consequence. This will lead to lower customer satisfaction and will damage the company’s reputation. It is therefore important to ensure that the system is reliable and that support is always available, should problems occur.

Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) is a solution developed by Provad and made for modern customer service. We attach particular emphasis to system reliability and the suitability of the system for the needs of our customers. Should you need support, our support team can also help you. In addition to technical support, we will support you in developing your operations, allowing your customer service system to be modified for the changing needs of your company. It is important for us that our ICC solution provides the added value that you are expecting.


A modern customer service system assists resource management

Today’s customer service is genuinely multi-channeled. In addition to telephones calls and e-mails, the majority of contact centers also offer other means of contact such as web page forms, social media channels, chat channels and various service portals. Simultaneously, customer expectations have grown.

This presents a tremendous challenge to resource allocation. In a typical solution, customer service staff are divided into teams which are then distributed among the various channels. Depending on the level of congestion, the customer service manager transfers customer service staff from one team to another. However, reaction by customer service to congestion always takes place after a certain delay time. Once a channel becomes congested, customers using it will shift to using other channels, causing congestion to spread.

Customer service would operate in a more efficient manner if each job waiting in the queue were always directed to an available customer service agent. In such a system, resource allocation would be more optimal, providing customers with a prompter service.

Provad ICC is a customer service solution designed to meet the needs of modern multi-channel customer service. ICC directs customer contacts streaming in from all channels directly to free customer service staff who are best equipped to deal with the requests. This is a significant step toward more efficient resource allocation. Contact center agents will be able to access, via a single user interface, all the channels and required background systems.


Combining customer information enables a seamless customer experience

Contact centers typically face challenges with the silo effect – which is particularly highlighted in congestion situations. The work tasks carried out by customer center agents often overlap with each other, as requests received via several channels are not recognized as originating from a single customer. A customer may receive two responses to their question, which in the worst case scenario may be in conflict with each other. For the customer, this is a perplexing situation.

Such problems will be remedied only when the customer service staff are able to see all the contact requests originating from a single customer at a glance – handled, unhandled, and still in processing. ICC collects all contact requests from a customer, displaying them in a single view. This enables the customers that have been recognized to be served in a more  personalized manner. Customer service staff will also avoid duplicating their work.



Improved customer experience through the facilitation of customer service staff’s work

The objective of customer service is to provide the customer with a positive customer experience in all contact situations. Because there is a plethora of different channels and systems, customer service staff are often compelled to jump from one window to another and to switch from one task to another. This has a negative effect on resource use, making the work of customer service staff less worthwhile.

The larger the proportion of work that customer service staff are able to perform in a single user interface, and the more efficiently such work can be carried out via a single user interface, the more time customer service staff have for the actual customer service.

The work of customer service staff typically comprises a great number of repetitive work phases. For example, opening windows in various back-end systems takes up time that could be better spent on direct customer contact. Picking e-mail messages from various lists and other online tasks also consumes a considerable portion of the working hours and energy of customer service agents.

If the contact center system provides no support for the customer service staff, the company will experience a number of disadvantages:

  • The customer experience will deteriorate. If the system is slow to use, it will eat up time otherwise available to direct customer contact, reducing the availability of customer service. Slow response times and rigid contact situations result in a poor customer experience.
  • The sales of the company will fall. Negative customer experiences spread far and wide and at a faster pace than ever before. Dissatisfied customers may decide to change their service provider.
  • Resource efficiency will remain at a low level. If a customer service system is slow and difficult to use, comprising a great number of manual work phases, resources are not used in an optimal fashion. This problem is especially pronounced with new employees. As the customer service staff are the most important resource of any contact center, particular attention should be attached to tools that are easy to use and that genuinely support the work process.
  • The job satisfaction of the customer service staff will deteriorate. Hard-to-use tools and repetitive routine tasks deteriorate job satisfaction and motivation. This will affect employee turnover.

Provad ICC provides support for the work process of contact center agents. This solution automatically routes customer requests to customer service staff for processing, thereby eliminating the need to pick requests from various lists to route them from one staff member to another, and then back to the original recipient of the message. The automatic routing of contact requests to particular members of the customer service staff is based on agents’ personal skill levels. Customer service staff will be able to complete all the phases of their work using a single user interface, ranging from accessing the background systems, to processing contact requests, to pacing their work. In this way, the ICC customer service solution will provide support for the entire customer service process.  This enables an improved customer experience and high resource efficiency. Find out more about our ICC solution.


Using the contact center solution  to manage the bigger picture

On many occasions, customer service staff find it difficult to gain a clear idea of the overall work load at any particular moment – for example, which staff members are taking a break and which are processing contact requests. How many unprocessed requests does each channel contain?  Such problems are quickly reflected in the quality and response time of customer service. Managing the big picture is an important factor with regard to the management and operations of customer service. 

The actual  customer service would be facilitated if agents were able to see the status of other staff members – whether available, taking a break, performing wrap-up work, off duty, processing requests from customers, or performing other duties. Such status information, combined with information regarding the various channels and the data contained in them would facilitate the work of both customer service staff and their managers.

Provad ICC facilitates the daily operations in customer service. Customer service staff using ICC start their working day by logging in to ICC. As soon as the staff click a button to indicate that they are available to process contacts, ICC starts to route contacts to them from the various channels, one request at a time. Staff members can change their status, for example, when they take a break or start performing wrap-up work. Changing the staff member status can be done with a single click of a button. The work of customer service staff will be converted into a simple and straightforward management process of their own work status.  ICC combines in a single view the status information of customer service agents and the contacts streaming in via the various channels. Such information can be displayed to all customer service staff members. Status information facilitates gaining a clearer idea of the overall situation, streamlining management.


Proper contact center reporting enables effective development of operations

In many customer service organizations, reporting is used little or not at all. This is unfortunate, because it is reporting that could enable efficient operational development. High-quality reporting serves the monitoring and development of operations. It can provide an indication of what areas should be developed.

Intelligent Contact Center offers comprehensive reporting via multiple-channels. ICC gathers and combines status information concerning all customer service staff members with work received via all the channels. This enables the generation of accurate reports. Reports enable the efficient management and development of customer service. Reports generated by ICC provide answers to questions as to why particular areas of customer service should be developed. Efficient resource allocation enabled by the ICC solution makes time available to customer service managers, allowing them to make use of reporting and to develop operations. Find out more about ICC here.

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