Improving customer experience in customer service, sales and marketing

Customer Experience Management (CEM) refers to managing the business viewed from the customer’s perspective. The focus is on providing customers with a comprehensive experience and giving them added value. The objective is obtaining customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and recommendations. By focusing on such variables, companies seek growth in business and more profitable customer relationships.

If the customer experience delivered by your company is poor, the result will be low customer loyalty, claims for compensation, returned products, canceled orders, negative reputation and a low profitability. If your customers feel that they are not getting sufficient added value for their money, they will be unwilling to pay adequately for the products and services that they receive.

Customer experience is created in situations where the customer and company meet. Here, customer communication plays an important role. Customer service, sales and marketing occur in  close contact with  the customer interface where customer experience is created.

Provad can help you to improve your customer experience. We have helped companies to improve their customer experience in customer service, sales and marketing by putting in place best practices and technologies. We can also help companies to develop their services in a continuous fashion and to measure the quality of customer experience. Our solutions help our customers to improve their customer experience and increase the profitability of their business.


Developing customer experience in customer service

Designing customer experience requires designers to be able to put themselves in the place of the customer. In customer service, this means that those responsible for the management of customer service ask, for example, the following questions:

What happens when the customer contacts us?

Are the customers able to select a choose of their liking, or do they feel that they should opt for a particular channel due to the way we operate?

Does the customer have to wait for a response or be placed on hold in a queue? If so, for how long?

How often are we able to solve a customer’s problem on their first contact?

Are we able to recognize our current customers? Are we able to serve our customers individually, using their contact and purchase history?

Provad is able to help your company to improve its customer experience. We help our customers to develop their customer service, in support of which we can deliver a customer service system capable of providing genuine multi-channel customer service. Provad ICC is a customer service solution that is designed for modern, multi-channel service. ICC improves customer experiences by

  • enabling faster response times to all customer contacts, irrespective of the channel via which they are received,
  • routing customer contacts to the right expert for processing, irrespective of the channel,
  • enabling the contact center agents to focus on actual service provision due to automation of routine tasks, and
  • recognizing the customer and retrieving information regarding the customer for use by the customer service staff.

Find out more about our ICC solution.


Customer-oriented sales and marketing

Sales and marketing that are authentically customer-oriented deliver excellent customer experience and are highly effective. Approach your potential customers with personalized content via marketing automation and by paying due attention to the different phases in the customers’ purchasing process. You will increase your sales provided that you are able to identify those customers that show the highest degree of interest in your products. This will enable your company to acquire new customers and to enhance customer loyalty.

Customers appreciate timely and personalized communication. Well executed sales and marketing also represent excellent service. In order to serve your customers well, you need to know them well. You can build customer knowledge by gathering relevant information about you customers. You can refine this knowledge to obtain a deeper understanding of your customers, and then using it in the management of customer-oriented sales and marketing.

Provad CIM is a solution designed to enhance sales and marketing. CIM focuses on gathering information for improved customer understanding and making effective use of it. Using this service, you can automatically send timely sales and marketing messages.  Our expertise concerning the best practices and various technical solutions that support sales and marketing are included in CIM. Find more about Provad CIM.

Measuring customer experience

Measuring customer experience is the key to its development. Customer experience management is based on a continuous alteration of measurements and development measures. Therefore, it is of a paramount importance to ensure that the results obtained from measurements can be used as effectively as possible in the development of customer experience. It is also important that the measurement results can be broken down by business area. When measurements of customer experience and service quality are conducted, efforts must be taken to ascertain the relevance, reliability and timeliness of the results.

Provad IMS is a solution that enables you to measure customer experience effectively. Using this solution, you can create interactive, automated, and continuous queries measuring customer experience and satisfaction. We will help you to make customer experience measurement a continuous process. Find out more about our IMS solution.

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