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Sales are at a crossroads. The purchaser exerts an ever-increasing power in the sales process. Before contacting a seller or making a purchase decision, customers find out about the available options far more often than previously. When you contact a customer, your timing is usually wrong.

It goes without saying that all your competitors and all the other sectors face the same situation. However, such a situation creates a huge opportunity for a company to differentiate itself and to win loyal customers.

In today’s world of sales, the winners are those who know their customers and provide them with the best service. If the purchaser is keen to find out even more about the various options, the seller should do exactly the same thing. In this context, the crucial factor is customer knowledge, obtainable through gathering relevant information. Making use of such customer knowledge, the right products and services can be offered to the customer.

Provad can offer you expertise and tools to help you to learn more about your customers, and to use this knowledge in an effective way in sales. Using our CIM solution, you can gather valuable information about your customers and put it to good use in sales via multiple channels.


Learn to know your customer and you will sell more

Increasing sales is best supported by identifying the right kind of information. Information gathering should find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the customer’s areas of interest and what is the customer’s purchasing behavior?
  • What customer segment has the largest purchasing potential with regard to our products and services?
  • In which lifecycle stage of the customer relationship is our customer?

If you acquire the right kind of information about your customers, you will be able to use it efficiently in your sales. You will find your customers with the most potential, improve conversion, and sell more. You will also have more satisfied customers, because you offered them the right products and the right services at the right time.

Concerning your current customers, you can use your customer interface and gather information efficiently directly from it – using sales, customer service and marketing. For example, the content of customer requests received by customer services can be used efficiently in targeted sales and marketing. Thus, for example, customers considering a purchase can be found at the right time.

Designed for increasing sales, Provad CIM is a solution based on gathering customer information and making efficient use of such information. Using Provad CIM, you can gather information from the customer interface in all the channels. With the help of Provad and our partner, Customer Intelligence Finland (CiFi), a leading expert in analytics, you can harness such information for effective use by your sales personnel. Our solution includes tools for the improvement of conversion and volume of sales.


Enhanced sales with the right approach and tools

At many companies, work remains to be done with respect to developing the sales processes. All too often, things happen randomly, with different salespersons having different practices.  Customer information is not gathered in a systematic fashion, and only incomplete use is made of the information actually gathered. Manual work phases abound, particularly in booking orders.

We can help you to develop your sales. We have delivered solutions with which our customers have automated their sales processes and customer communication. Using the CIM solution, you can automate processes related to outbound calls and interactive SMS campaigns. Provad’s solution for outgoing calls facilitates salespersons’ work by retrieving automatically from a call list a lead or a customer with their background information, deemed to have the most potential. The call list can also be updated using analytics that can be updated in real time.


Increase your e-commerce sales

You can increase the sales of your online shop by providing your customers with service at the right time.  Your customer will be encouraged to make a purchase decision when you respond to questions asked by the customer and when you indicate that you are available when your customer needs you.

Offering a real-time chat is particularly suitable for e-commerce, as the customer will have no need to change channels when contacting the seller. You can improve your sales and service provision further if your chat enables using  customer information and website analytics. For example, you will have an opportunity to increase your sales if you are able to view the content and value of a customer’s shopping basket. You will be able to provide better service if you can see the page that the customer is browsing. You will be able to sell and provide service in a more personalized manner if you are able to recognize the customer in the chat channel.

Customers also use other channels when they are browsing an online shop or purchasing products from it. In other words, you should also provide other contact channels for accessing your online shop. If you link the various channels to each other, including the information gathered from them, you will be able to continue the service provision situation in any channel.

Provad and our partner can offer a solution that will improve the service provision of your online shop and increase its sales. Provad’s ICC solution combines a real-time chat channel from with other customer service channels and customer information. You will provide better service and sell more.


Sales through multiple channels

You will gain a significant competitive edge if you improve your customer knowledge and the conversion of sales, enhance sales processes, and use tools that support your sales. Well executed sales also represent good service. You will sell more if you can reach your customer at the right time in the right channel using the right content. With the help of our solutions, you can develop your sales and automate marketing in various channels using

  • telephone calls,
  • e-mail,
  • SMS,
  • social media,
  • web chat,
  • and other similar channels.

Contact us. We will help you to increase your sales by improving the conversion of sales and the automation of the sales process. Let’s find out how this can be accomplished in your sales organization.

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