Marketing automation increases sales and creates an improved customer experience

Successful marketing reaches the potential customer in a timely manner, using the right channel and providing appropriate content. The interest of the customer will be captured, as the service offered corresponds to their needs.

Marketing automation enables the provision of targeted marketing messages. Successful marketed automation requires that personalized messages are sent to right people at the right time. The key factor behind efficient marketing is the ability to find potential customers and to accumulate customer knowledge. Identifying relevant customer information and asking the right questions will take the spotlight:

  • What are the products and services in which the customer has shown interest?
  • What are the customer segments at which marketing should be targeted?
  • What are the channels that we should use to target each particular customer segment?

We are able to help you to make efficient use of customer information in marketing automation. Using our CIM solution, you will be able to gather customer information directly from the customer interface. With the help of our expertise, you will be able to use such information in targeted customer communication, improving the conversion of marketing. CIM will also improve the ability of marketing to be measured, allowing you to see the connection between marketing campaigns and sales. You will be able to develop your operations in a more efficient direction, helping you to increase sales.


Targeted marketing calls for customer understanding

Well targeted marketing requires that the marketing managements put themselves in the place of the customer and that a deeper customer understanding is involved in the process. Sales and marketing communication is at its most effective if the customer feels that the message is addressed to them personally.

Using Provad CIM, you will be able to gather information from the customer interface – in other words, from all customer interactions. The CIM application can be directly integrated into the interface used by the customer service agents or salespeople. We can also use the customer information stored in your current data bases. By refining such information, you will be able to build customer understanding and use it  for marketing automation. We will make new approaches available to you, allowing you to increase your sales automatically.

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Seamless customer communication by dismantling of silos

At companies, marketing communication originates in a variety of sources – marketing, sales, customer service, communications and invoicing. From the perspective of the customer experience, this presents a challenge, as the customers wish to see seamless communication. A company may have several departments, but the customer should see only a unified whole. A centralized management system for customer information, customer contacts, and purchase history enables a coherent marketing strategy.

With the help of the Provad CIM solution, you will be able to automate multi-channel processes and campaigns. For example, if the customer has reacted to your e-mail messages, signaling interest, then thanks to the automated process for outgoing calls, a salesperson can immediately contact the customer. You can also use customer information to link marketing and customer service. The customer service staff are able to see in the CIM application whether any marketing messages have been sent to the customer, or whether the customer has been the subject of marketing campaigns.

With the help of CIM, you will be able to develop customer communication in a more coherent direction, to create a seamless customer experience and to increase your sales volumes. You will be able to avoid risks to your reputation caused by poor communication, and you will have more satisfied customers. Find out more about CIM.

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