CIM - Communications Interaction Manager

Know your customers, offer them better service, and achieve better sales

Most companies are unaware of how their customers have contacted them and what channels they have used. However, using this information, companies could be able to improve the quality of their customer encounters and achieve better sales. This is why we have developed CIM.

The use of Provad CIM enables you to create seamless customer experiences for your customers. CIM lets you collect and use information about customer behavior obtained from your channels. This helps you to serve your customers better. CIM information also allows for targeted marketing and timely sales.

1. Know your customer

Collect data about customers' contacts.
Improve your customer knowledge.


2. Sell more

Utilize the data to provide better service
by offering the right services to the right customers.

What is CIM?

Provad CIM is a tool for collecting customer contact information from all channels. This application integrates directly into the interface of the customer service agent or the salesperson.  CIM automatically saves all new contact information. CIM supports all digital service channels.


Why CIM?

You are able to recognize your customer in all your channels. CIM can be used to recognize the customer automatically in the various channels. This improves both the service experience of the customers and the efficiency of the service.

Seamless customer experience With CIM, regardless of the channel, you know how you have interacted with the customer previously. In this way, you can create a seamless customer experience for the customer.

Offer better service and sell more. You can use the customer's contact history in a customer service situation, offering the customer individual service. Such a history, and the customer knowledge resulting from it, can be used for customer-specific sales recommendations.

Make customer encounters more efficient. You can eliminate duplicate work for different channels if you can see the customer’s contacts and their status information at a glance - processed, unprocessed, and in process.  Customer recognition saves time for both the customer and the customer service agent: there is no more need to ask for the customer's number, personal ID, and other user information separately for each contact.



Seamless service

Seamless service in different channels Customer recognition and the utilization of a multi-channel contact history creates an uninterrupted service experience. Customer information prevents the silo effect and improves the efficiency of the service across the different channels. CIM supports digital customer service channels:

  • calls
  • outbound calls
  • callbacks
  • e-mails
  • chat messages
  • messages in social media
  • messages from digital customer portals
  • text messages
  • faxes
  • and other digital channels

Prevent duplicate work. You can improve the cost-efficiency of customer service by using CIM to combine the customer's contact and purchase history. Using CIM, the customer service agents are able to see all of the customer's contacts and their status information – whether processed, unprocessed, or in process. In this way, CIM can be used to prevent duplicate work across the different channels. If the customer service agents are able to see a customer’s contact history, they are better equipped to solve the customer’s problem.

No need to repeatedly query information. You can use CIM to recognize the customer in different channels. Thus, the customer service agent no longer needs to request the customers to provide, for example, their customer number or personal ID for each individual contact. This allows them to focus on the matter at hand. This improves both the customer’s service experience and the service efficiency.

Measure and develop. CIM creates entirely new possibilities for utilizing the multi-channel contact history. With CIM, you manage and collect contact information from any customer contact point. Such interactions may be classified by channel or by subject, offering specific information on how to develop your operations.



A profitable investment

You will obtain full benefits from the system project already completed. CIM combines the customer's contact and purchase history and displays it in a single view. You can use the information provided by the current CRM and ERP systems, thus obtaining the full benefits of the CRM and ERP investments already completed.

Prevent unnecessary work, improve customer experience. CIM eliminates work that provides no benefits for the customer or the company. It enables you efficiently to avoid overlapping work across different channels. Customer recognition reduces the need to query customer information repeatedly. This improves the quality of the service, making the service experience seamless. Better service demonstrably improves customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Increase the efficiency of your sales and marketing. With CIM, you can improve your customer understanding and use it to make sales and marketing more efficient. Your sales improve and you offer better service.


Better customer service

A more personalized customer experience. You will recognize your customers and be able to serve them in a manner that befits the situation, by utilizing their contact history. Service experience is more personal and consistent across the various channels.

Prompter service, focusing on the essentials. No need for the customer to provide their customer number, personal ID, or other information in every contact situation, as the customers will be automatically recognized. This enables customer service agents to focus on the essentials in the service situation, thus improving the service experience.

Help the customer. You can use the contact history to get a better idea of your customer’s situation. By utilizing customer information and the classification of contacts, you can also serve your customer through sales and marketing, offering them suitable products and services.



Target your marketing and sales

Increase your customer understanding. The multi-channel contact history gathered by CIM can be combined with customer analytics and information about the customer life-cycle. You are able to increase your customer understanding, and use it to focus sales and marketing.

Multi-channel marketing automation. Using your accumulated customer understanding based on customer information, you can make use of customer communication in a highly automated and targeted fashion. You may, for instance, send a correctly timed SMS to a customer who has shown interest in your services by becoming active in another channel. Based on the responses to the SMS, you can create automated outbound campaigns, whereby tasks involving outbound calls are routed directly and in a timely manner to customer service agents.

Additional sales recommendations. You can offer your customers services and products in which they are probably interested, timing your offers correctly.



Risk-free investment adjusted to your business needs

Light and easy-to-edit web application. Communications Interaction Manager is a light web-based application, providing customer services with efficient tools. CIM is also fully configurable, to match the needs of a customer service environment. This application can be independently used via a browser or by linking it to the ICC Manager user interface used by the customer service agents.

Risk-free purchase. Thanks to its free configurability, CIM can be fully adapted to the needs of customer service. Our application development team guarantees hassle-free commissioning.


“Customer interested in different types of eye surgeries can now be served in a personalized and customized manner.”

- Tiia Ilmaniemi, Development Manager, Medilaser Oy

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