ICC - Intelligent Contact Center

A multi-channel customer service solution for the modern era

Multi-channel customer service cannot be executed effectively if contact channels are separated and managed in silos. Therefore, we have developed ICC to meet the needs of multi-channel customer service.

ICC improves the efficiency of resource use in customer service and ensures an excellent customer experience. Your contact center system will be configured to your organization’s needs, and you will also receive proficient expertise to develop your customer service.

  • WWW
  • Social
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Apps
  • SMS
  • the customer is recognized
  • the contact is routed to a suitable agent
  • the customer's contact history is opened

What is ICC?

Provad ICC is a multi-channel customer service solution. It improves the use of customer service resources by directing customer contacts to free customer service agents, regardless of the contact channel. Thus, it enables better service levels in all channels. The solution evens out the workload of the customer service agents, improving resource efficiency.


Why ICC?

Provides a truly multi-channel environment. ICC routes the contacts streaming in from the various channels directly to customer service agents for processing.

Facilitates resource allocation. ICC manages incoming contacts from all channels and distributes them to appropriate resources.  This balances the workload of the contact center and the fluctuation between congestion and silent moments.

Provides a tool for management and development. ICC relieves customer service managers of some of their daily resource allocation tasks, to spend more time on managing and developing customer service. ICC can generate multi-channel reports in support of development in precisely defined areas.

Supports the work of the customer service agent. There’s no need for customer service agents to pick contacts from various lists or start several background systems – ICC automatically routes the necessary information for use by the customer service agent at the right time. All work can be carried out via a single interface.

Enables an excellent, seamless customer experience. ICC enables the customer to receive an expert response to their query quickly and independently of the channel. Current customers can be recognized, with their contact history automatically routed for use by the customer service agents.



Facilitates the work of the customer service agent

All the tasks of a customer service agent can be carried out via a single clear customer interface. This facilitates the work of the customer service agent. ICC automatically directs the customer contacts from all channels to be processed by a customer service agent. ICC can be used to process contacts received via any digital customer service channels, including:

  • inbound and outbound calls
  • callbacks
  • e-mail messages
  • chat messages
  • social media messages (Facebook and Twitter)
  • messages from web-based customer portals
  • SMS
  • faxes

Additionally, ICC can be used to route other work, such as tasks from the work queues of the background systems or electronic signatures, for processing by the customer service agents.

ICC automates repetitive work phases in customer service work. All calls and other work are automatically directed to a free customer service agent for processing. Work is directed based on the customer service agent's expertise and availability.

Customer service agents no longer need to start different background systems during customer contact or when processing their work. Necessary background information will be automatically, and at the right time, retrieved for use by the customer service agent. The same applies to other systems required in a service situation, such as reservation systems.

The customer service agent can manage their work using ICC. Upon arriving at work in the morning, the customer service agents log into the system and set their status as "free", after which ICC starts routing work to them. When the customer service agent takes a break, for example, they press the ”pause” button. This pauses the work automation process. The ICC interface enables the customer service staff to view the status of other customer service agents, all the service queues, and the number of contacts received by customer service.


Supports customer service management and development

Facilitates customer service management.  ICC relieves customer service managers of the daily resource allocation.  The use of ICC's multi-channel reporting enables the development of customer service in precisely defined areas.

ICC enables an improved customer experience: with the customer receiving an expert answer at the fastest possible pace, independently of the channel. With ICC, the current customer can be recognized. This enables the customer service agent to view the customer's previous contacts at a glance.

Information-based leadership. Facilitated by ICC’s built-in-reporting, operations can be managed and developed on the basis of information. ICC is able to generate multi-channel reports providing information about the customer service agents’ efficiency and use of time. Such information can be used, for example, for access control, calculation of performance-related pay, and planning training and work shifts.


Supports business operations

The operation of the customer service unit become more efficient,  as ICC automates repetitive processes and optimizes resource use. ICC routes contacts to customer service agents, based on their skills and availability. Thanks to automated resource allocation, the service level for all channels improves. An easy-to-use interface and process automation facilitate the work of the customer service agents, improving productivity.


Improves the customer experience

Customers appreciate, above all, prompt solutions to their problems. Thanks to ICC, the customer is able to receive an expert answer at the fastest possible pace. The customer’s contact details are routed to the most appropriate customer service agent. This improves the response time and the quality of responses.  Furthermore, the routing and automation of work improves the service level for all channels.

The customer receives personalized service. ICC can recognize the current customer, automatically retrieving their contact history for the customer service agent to view. Thus, the customer can be served in a seamless manner in all channels. Duplicate work by customer service agents can be eliminated, as the previous customer contacts, as well as those in processing, can be viewed at a glance.



Processing in a cloud or local environment

The ICC solution can be delivered as a cloud service or a local installation. Both alternatives have their benefits, with Provad’s experienced group of experts providing assistance in finding the best solution, depending on the case. In cloud-based solutions, the reliability of voice traffic and flawless sound quality are guaranteed by an Edge device, to be installed locally.


Unique features

ICC's particular strength is its adaptability to different production environments. To implement individual needs, all the features of this product are easily and freely configurable. To meet the needs of customer service, ICC also offers the following basic features, which are the most comprehensive on the market:

  • A light, modular and comprehensive customer service solution
  • Open databases and interfaces
  • Fully configurable
  • Architecture guaranteeing reliability of voice traffic
  • Support for the routing of all online tasks
    • voice (inbound, outbound, blending)
    • callbacks
    • email
    • web chats
    • social media
    • electronic customer portals
    • SMS, fax
    • background system work queues
    • electronic signatures
  • Process automation
  • Built-in CRM/ERP features
  • Mobile interface for customer service personnel
  • Centralized maintenance tool
  • Detailed multi-channel reporting
  • Scalability between 1 – 10000 users
  • Integration into any background system
  • Language: Finnish/English, support for others


Designed to fit the organization's own needs

Thanks to its configurability, ICC adapts itself perfectly to the needs of customer service, with the commissioning and implementation of projects being uncomplicated.


"We underwent a huge change with regard to the flow of work. The solution has a significant impact for our business. -- We are able to receive as many as 40% more calls than previously."
- Kari Laitinen, Development Manager, Tuko Logistics Osk


“The change radically improved the quality of our customer service.”
- Asko Koskinen, CEO, Medilaser Oy


“We have undergone a huge change in our entire operating culture, and Provad has played an important role. In addition to recognizing our problems, they have offered functional solutions, significantly increasing the efficiency of our operations.”
- Ari Penttilä, CEO, Matkapojat Oy

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