IMS - Interactive Messaging System

Interactive, targeted customer communication

Far too often, companies’ customer communication is linear and unfocused.  Customer satisfaction queries are conducted in a random manner, and the results remain unused. These are the reasons why we developed IMS.

Provad IMS has been developed for targeted multi-channel campaigns. The application can be used for easy and fast ad hoc SMS campaigns. With IMS, you can also create continuous customer communication processes and automate multi-channel marketing and customer satisfaction queries.

  • The customer shows
    interest in you

    Send additional information by email.

  • Customer engages

    Send a targeted offer through SMS

  • The message is received

    The customer is interested, responds "yes"

  • The lead is confirmed

    Automatic outbound call
    to customer

  • A salesperson
    contacts the customer

Why IMS?

The easiest-to-use tool in the market for SMS campaigns. You can use IMS to start an interactive text message campaign easily, quickly, and completely independently.

Customer communication provided at the right time enables you to achieve better sales. You can introduce automated features to your marketing based on the behavior of your customer - for example, before your offer expires.

Measure customer experience systematically. By utilizing systematic and automatic measurement, you can measure and develop customer experience. When you ask the customers for their experience soon after the event that is to be measured, you will obtain information that is highly useful.



Effective customer communication

Create SMS campaigns quickly and easily. Using IMS, the schedule does not present a problem; you are able to create SMS campaigns at short notice. Campaigns can be targeted at a limited number of recipients or, alternatively, at a wide range of customers. You can use our easy-to-use tool to manage your campaigns fully independently, without being dependent on, for example, your service provider. The target groups can be picked from ready-made sheets, CRM or other back-end systems.

Marketing provided at the right time. Campaigns conducted using IMS may be fully automated, whereby IMS contacts your customers in the background. IMS can send an SMS when, for example, a customer has not yet accepted an offer that is soon to expire, or when a customer clicks a link in an email you have sent. Well-focused, correctly timed customer communication enables you to achieve better sales results.

Interactive, channel-independent customer communications.  You can use IMS to construct multi-channel customer dialogs that are activated in response to predefined operations. If necessary, the channel can be changed – for example, a call can be placed to a customer if they have responded to an SMS in a particular way. This lets you offer better service and achieve better sales.



Measure and develop customer experience

Automated customer satisfaction queries. You can use IMS to boost customer satisfaction and develop customer experience. With IMS, customer satisfaction queries can be set to be activated in response to customer behavior or at certain intervals. A measurement can be implemented immediately after a purchase event, for example. In this way, you can continuously receive useful information, which you can use in the development of your operations.

React to negative feedback. One way to use the multi-channel approach is to react to feedback provided by customers. For example, an automated outbound call task may be routed to a customer service agent if a customer provides negative feedback. In this way, the customer can be asked about their reasons for their negative feedback. This improves customer satisfaction, reduces attrition, and develops operations.

Use results from customer queries to achieve a better customer experience. IMS can be used to conduct multi-channel customer experience measurements, the results of which can be broken down by channel, department, team, or employee. Query results can be combined with customer information and saved in a single location, enabling their easy use.


"(Provad IMS) facilitates customer contact with us, reminding of appointments and related issues "
Riikka Kontinen, Financial Manager, Medilaser Oy

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